Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Colors Cedar Mountain

Our trip to the Fall Colors at Cedar Mountain
with Boyd and Cheryl Cook

Navajo Lake

A Quaking Aspen up close.

Quaking Aspen Afar
You Talk About Reds!


  1. Those pictures are so pretty! And I had the same thing happen to me that you said happened to you. I had a comment typed out about your gym post but it wouldnt let me post it. Im so happy you guys are staying healthy and fit so we can enjoy you longer! haha

  2. The fall colors are beautiful. We hear they will get beautiful here too but we hope it happens before we leave.

  3. Fall is my favorite season!! Last fall I kept some of the red leaves from a tree on our street! Reno by far has the best color changes of anywhere I have lived so far!!!